What we do & How we do it

Pollab Limited carries out quantitative and qualitative market research for business intelligence as well as PR purposes, both in the UK and globally.

Research can be PR led, in support of internal communications, business and market intelligence, white label, pre and post campaign awareness or advertising test screening and can also be designed in the look and feel of the brand and sit on the brand website.

Cutting edge technology allows us the flexibility to utilise pictures, sound and video within research projects, as required by individual needs.

All research is carried out online unless otherwise requested or i.e the audience is too young (children under 7) to sensibly give their opinions online.

All research is broken down by agreed demographics depending on the needs of the project, whether by standard demographics such as age, gender and region or more business focused demographics such as profession or company size.

Costs are inclusive of all consultancy.

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